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Cross Section of World War 2  

German A4 V2 Rocket


Launch Mass M1 12700Kgs

Empty mass   M2 4540Kgs

Height    H=  14020mm

Fuselage dia    1650mm

Dia across fins 3550mm

Range           350Kms


3 Gyroscopic guidance and engine control

4  Liquid oxygen LOX reservoir

6 Liquid Alcohol  reservoir.

7 Carbon deflector guiding  exhaust vanes.

8  Aileron guiding control surfaces controlled. by gyroscopic guidance system

9  Rocket motor combustion chamber.

10 Steam driven propergol  (Fuel) pump




Historic first recorded film of V2 leaving the Earth's atmosphere apogee105Km 24th October 1946

The camera was fitted for the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory flight and recorded the flight between 100m and105Kms



Video Courtesy of White Sands Missile Range © (New Mexico USA) and Virgin Galatic.

With kind permission of Flight International magazine and internet site.


Note: To get the maximum effect of this historic event the suggested accompaning sound track is the superb 

Michael Nymans music from 'Gattaca'  The arrival.(3.53)

Gattaca Film  'There is no gene for the human spirit'


Michael Nymans music from 'Gattaca'  Virigin records 7243 8 45018 2 2 The One moment (1.40)



Wernher Von Braun


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